Action Officer Tools
United States Army Europe & Africa (USAREUR-AF)
Letterhead Stationery

AR 25-50 provides specific guidance on preparing military correspondence.

NOTE: Please send corrections or suggestions for any of these letterhead stationery templates to the Document Management Branch (DMB) at email:

USAREUR-AF Command Group Letterhead Stationery Templates

USAREUR-AF Staff Principals Letterhead Stationery Templates


  • Action officers preparing correspondence for their staff principal to sign may select the appropriate signature block (letter or memorandum format) from the "Signature Blocks for HQ USAREUR Staff Principals" table to copy and paste the text into the appropriate correspondence template above.
  • When pasting, action officers should use a right-mouse click and select the "Keep text-only" function so that the inserted text will match the font and size of the text in the selected template.
  • Action officers should refer to the Office Symbols List under "Action Officer Tools" in "AEPUBS" to find the office symbol of the originator of the correspondence (if a POC line is used, synchronized to that office).
  • Downloading as a Word Document.
    • Place your cursor over the file (hyperlink) you wish to download and right-click your mouse.
    • Select "Save Target As" and save the MS Word document (.docx).
    • Use the MS Word document (.docx) as the baseline format for your correspondence actions.
  • Saving the Downloaded Word Document as a Word Template.
    • Using MS Word, open the saved MS Word document (.docx) and select the "Save As" button or menu item.
    • In the "File Name" dialog box, change the name (not required) as desired.
    • In the "Save as Type" dialog box, select "Word Template" from the drop-down menu to save the file as a template (.dotx).
      NOTE: This action will usually change the saving folder location to the computer's default template folder.
    • Once saved, the template is available as a default starting point that can be accessed within MS Word by selecting in sequence the "File", "New", and "Custom" menu items and then by following the applicable template folder/subfolder paths until finding the desired template.