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European Local National (LN) Pay Tables

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Updated: 2020-04-29

Belgium LN Pay Tables
BA (2018-10-01)         BB (2018-10-01)         BL Leaders (2018-10-01)
German LN Pay Tables
A - 2020         Aircraft Mechanics - 2020         Apprenticeship
C(DV)         C(FS)         C(L)
C-SSS         C(TK)         C
D         H - 2020         HM
K         KD         A(N) - Bremerhaven
P - Blue Collar         P (Plant Security, Werkschutz)         P
T         ZB         ZB-SSS
          Tariff Supplements          
Italian LN Pay Tables
LN Exchange Salary Table                   LN Non-Exchange Salary Table
Romanian LN Pay Tables
          Professional and Administrative Schedule Rates          

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