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Action Officer Tools

Staff Actions

  1. General. The files below are formatted according to Army in Europe Regulation 1-10, Staff Procedures, which prescribes the requirements for staff actions. To download the slides to your PC or a shared folder—
    Click below for:
    USAREUR-AF Staff Orientation Course (USOC)

    Standard USAREUR Slides:
          CUI (PowerPoint) (updated: 2023-01-01)
          Unclassified (PowerPoint) (updated: 2023-01-01)
    NOTE: Click for guidance on how to merge slides with different classifications. (HTML)

    Standard USAREUR Slides Format Bookcover:
          Unclassified (PowerPoint) (updated: 2020-10-02)

    Signature Blocks for the USAREUR-AF Command Group (PDF) (updated: 2024-04-10​​​​​​​​​​​​)
    HQ USAREUR-AF Staff Principal Signature Blocks (PDF) (updated: 2024-04-10)

    USAREUR-AF Business Card templates (PDF) (updated: 2020-11-23)
    Staff Action Summary (SAS)

    DA Form 5, Mar 14, Army Staffing Form (PDF, link to APD) (updated: 2018-11-14)
    ESWG Template (PowerPoint) (updated: 2018-02-12)
    ESWG Sample with Instructions (PowerPoint) (updated: 2018-02-12)
    Executive Summary (EXSUM) Template (Word)
    EXSUM Sample (PDF)
    HQDA Action Memo Format (Word) (updated: 2023-03-29)
    Information Paper (Word)
    Meeting Summary (Word) (updated: 2018-06-13)
    Point Paper Template (Word)
    Point Paper Sample (PDF)
    Talking Points (Word) (updated: 2022-07-14)
    Trip Report Template (Word)
    Trip Report Sample (PDF)

    Links: Task Management Tool (TMT) (HTML)
  2. HTML Files. HTML files open in your browser. They should not be saved to your hard drive.
  3. All Other Files. All other files should be downloaded and used from your hard drive.
    1. PDF Files. These files will open in your browser. To save a copy to your hard drive, click Save/Save As; if necessary, change the location and file name, then click Save.
    2. Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Files.
      1. These files can be downloaded from this page and used as they are without having to be saved in other formats. They can also be downloaded as templates to create new files.
      2. These files will display a File Download dialog. When it opens, click Save and do the following:
        1. To Save As Provided. Change the location and file name if necessary, then click Save.
        2. To Save As Template. Locate the directory for your MS Office templates, change the extension of the file to match your template extensions (for example, *.dot for Word 97-2003 template, *.dotx for Word 2007 template),and click Save.
  4. To Use Downloaded Files.
    1. Downloaded as Provided. Open the file, make changes as necessary, and save the file (using the same or a different name).
    2. Downloaded as Template. Click the Office Button (MS Office 2007) or File (previous versions of MS Office), click New, and select the template from you list of available templates. Then enter your information and click Save As to save your file as a new document.