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Army in Europe Library & Publishing System

The purpose of this site is to provide an online source for—

  • Access to Army in Europe (AE) publications and forms.
  • Links to other commonly required and higher-level publishing-agency websites.
  • Reference information about AE publications and forms to assist publications-account managers to manage their accounts.
  • A toolkit for action officers assigned to HQ USAREUR-AF, HQ IMCOM-Europe, and other organizations that process staff actions through HQ USAREUR-AF.

The proponent of AEPUBS is the Army in Europe's Document Management Branch (DMB).

AEPUBS is the official archive of authorized AE publications and forms.

The Army in Europe's DMB has sole authority from the theater Army Senior Commander to publish AE publications and forms.

Latest Publications
TitlePublication NumberPublication Date
Dangerous Goods Advisor Annual Report (Vers. 01.00)AE FORM 55-50A1/1/2022
AEF690-70A.PDFAE FORM 690-70A1/1/2022
Exception to Policy on Using Patriot Express (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-019)AE CMD MEMO 2021-01912/21/2021
Army in Europe and Africa Safety Program ManagementAE REG 385-1012/20/2021
USAREUR-AF Training HolidaysAE PAM 350-112/10/2021
U.S. Army Europe and Africa Public Affairs ProgramAE REG 360-112/6/2021
Directory of Army in Europe Key Personnel (contents: CUI)AE PAM 10-1012/6/2021
Fiscal Year 2022 USAREUR-AF Active Army Retention and Active Component to Reserve Component Transition Mission (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-026)AE CMD MEMO 2021-02612/6/2021
Designation of the Commander, V Corps, as the Senior Responsible Officer for Poland (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-015) (Contents: CUI)AE CMD MEMO 2021-01512/3/2021
Qualitative Fit-Test Record (Vers. 01.00)AE FORM 385-10C12/1/2021
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