Action Officer Tools

Standard USAREUR Slide Help

    To download the slides to your PC or a shared folder—
    1. Click on the link for the slide.
    2. In the File Download box, click on Save.
    3. In the Save As box, click on—
      1. Save In to select the target folder.
      2. Save to save the file.

        NOTE: Do not change the file name or save as type.

    To merge slides with different security classification templates—
    1. Open the first slide in Microsoft PowerPoint.
    2. On the top toolbar, click on Insert and Slides from Files. ...

      NOTE: Insert new slides in the slide sorter view (on the top toolbar click on View and Slide Sorter).

    3. In the Slide Finder box, click on Browse.
    4. In the Browse box, click on the drop-down box next to Look in, go to the target folder, select the required slide, and click on the Open button.

      NOTE: To select more than one slide within the target folder, hold down the Ctr key while selecting the slides.

    5. Makes sure Keep source formatting is checked in the Slide Finder box.
    6. Click on the Insert All button, and then click on the Close button.