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Publication NumberTitle
AE REG 381-6(U) Intelligence Liaison Program (contents: CUI)
AE REG 1-40(U) Protocol (contents: CUI)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-0332022 Winter Holiday Safety Message (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-033)
AE PAM 690-2A Leader’s Guide for Effective Works-Council Relations in Germany
AE PAM 37-10A Soldier’s Guide to Financial Readiness
AE FORM 55-50BAccident/Incident Report on Occurrences During the Carriage of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Waste (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-700CAccountability Register for Army in Europe Privilege and Identification Cards (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-355NAccountable Form Ledger
AE FORM 55-355PAccountable Form Ledger for Individual Issues (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 405-5Acquiring, Managing, and Disposing of Real Estate
AE REG 405-8Acquiring, Managing, and Disposing of Real Estate in Germany / USAFE/AFAFRICA Instruction 32-9005
AE PAM 135-200Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) Program
AE FORM 600-702FAdditional Class VI Rations (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-50HADR - Predeparture Checklist for Transportation Units/ADR - Checkliste für die Abfahrtskontrolle bei Gefahrengutbeförderungseinheiten (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 27-10BAdvice to Accused Upon Confinement (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-700A(LTR E)-FILLERAE Form 600-700A (JUN 14 Vers. 01.00) - Filler Mask (2014-10-21)
AE FORM 638-8AAE FORM 638-8A
AE Cmd Memo 2021-017After-the-Fact Approval of TDY Travel and Reimbursement of TDY Travel Expenses (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-017)
AE FORM 190-1AFAgent's Responsibilities (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-40BAgreement on Uniform Work Clothing and Equipment / Vereinbarung über Einheitliche Arbeitskleidung und Ausrüstungsgegenstände (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 350-1BAirdrop Support Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 380-67A-RAlien Personal History Statement
AE REG 350-10Allied and Army in Europe Major Training Areas
AE FORM 690-70GÄnderungsvertrag zum Arbeitsvertrag / Employment Contract Modification (Germany) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 95-1CAnnual Flying Hour Requirements (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-99HAnnual Leave and Absence Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1XAnswer Sheet — Driver Examination for Germany for Privately Owned Motor Vehicle Operations (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1ARAnswer Sheet — Driver Examination for Germany for Privately Owned Vehicle Motorcycle Operations (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 525-13Antiterrorism (contents: CUI)
AE CMD MEMO 2020-019Antiterrorism and Force Protection Implementing Guidance for USAG Stuttgart (AE Cmd Memo 2020-019) (contents: FOUO)
AE CMD MEMO 2020-020Antiterrorism and Force Protection Implementing Guidance for USAG Wiesbaden (AE Cmd Memo 2020-020)
AE FORM 385-10B (TEMP)Anzeige des Unternehmers bei Anhaltspunkten für eine Berufskrankheit/Report of Employer Based on Symptoms Indicating an Occupational Illness (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-700BApplication for Army in Europe Privilege and Identification Card (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-8-3CApplication for Box-R General Delivery Service (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 215-145BApplication for German Fishing License / Antrag auf Deutschen Fischereischein (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-16AApplication for Installation Access (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6DApplication for Issuance of a Permit Pursuant to the German Weapons Law (Preapproval Entry)/Application for a License to Acquire a Weapon/Reporting the Acquisition and Transfer of Ownership of a Weapon (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6NApplication for Issuance of a Small Weapons Permit for Gas/Blank Firearms With the Approval Mark According to Illustration 2 in Appendix 1 of the 1. Verordnung zum Waffengesetz (1. WaffV) (First Ordinance to the Weapons Law) (PTB Mark in Circle) / Antrag auf Erteilung eines kleinen Waffenscheins für Gas-/Schreckschußwaffen, die mit dem Zulassungszeichen nach Anlage 1, Abbildung 2 zur 1. WaffV versehen sind (PTB-Zeichen im Kreis) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 215-145AApplication for Issuance/Renewal of a German Foreigners Hunting License for Members of the U.S. Forces Stationed in Germany / Antrag auf Erteilung/Verlängerung eines Ausländerjagdscheins für in Deutschland stationierte Mitglieder der US-Streitkräfte (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-68AApplication for Lodging Allowance / Antrag für Übernachtungskostenzuschuss (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AAApplication for Motor Vehicle Registration or Renewal and Allied Transactions (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 210-70GApplication for U.S. Forces Europe Commercial Solicitation Accreditation Life Insurance/Mutual Funds/Variable Products/Securities (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1T(GER)Application for U.S. Forces POV Certificate of License and Allied Transactions (Germany) (Vers. 01.01)
AE FORM 190-1T(POL)Application for U.S. Forces POV Certificate of License and Allied Transactions (Poland) (Vers. 01.01)
AE FORM 210-70FApplication for United States Forces Europe Commercial Activity Authorization (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6D, PART AApplication to Conduct FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-025Appointment of USAREUR Signal-Intelligence Intelligence-Oversight Officers and Rescission of Previous Appointments (AE Cmd Memo 2018-025) (contents: FOUO)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-011Appointment of USAREUR-AF Intelligence Oversight Officers and Rescission of Previous Appointments (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-011) (contents: CUI)
AE CMD MEMO 2021-011Approval of TDY Travel (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-011)
AE CMD MEMO 2021-016Approval of TDY Travel for Liaison Officers (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-016)
AE FORM 690-70CArbeitsvertrag — Kinderbetreuungseinrichtungen / Employment Contract — Childcare Centers (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-70BArbeitsvertrag / Employment Contract (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 190-24Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board, Europe, and Off-Limits Procedures for Firms, Establishments, Organizations, and Areas in the United States European Command
AE REG 525-50Arms-Control Compliance
AE FORM 95-40AArmy Aircraft Traffic Log (Vers. 01.00)
AE SUP 1 AR 420-1Army Facilities Management
AE FORM 350-1CArmy Flight Operation Detachment Parachuting Activities/Exercise Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 40-501Army Hearing Program–Europe
AE REG 638-8Army in Europe and Africa Casualty Management
AE REG 381-1Army in Europe and Africa Intelligence Products
AE REG 600-8-3Army in Europe and Africa Postal Operations Manual
AE REG 385-10Army in Europe and Africa Safety Program Management
AE MISC PUB 525-13AArmy in Europe and Africa Standing Rules for the Use of Force (SRUF) (CUI)
AE FORM 190-1AXArmy in Europe Armed Forces Traffic Ticket-Report of Action (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 420-1F (TEMP)Army in Europe Barracks Inspection and Recognition Program (BIRP) Checklist (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 608-18-1Army in Europe Child and Youth Supervision
AE FORM 350-1EArmy in Europe Combined Arms Training Center Mobile Training Team (MTT) Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-46BArmy in Europe Command-Sponsorship Checklist (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-018Army in Europe Cybersecurity and Operational Readiness (AE Cmd Memo 2018-018)
AE FORM 55-46CArmy in Europe Early Return of Dependents Checklist (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 200-1Army in Europe Environmental Quality Program
AE FORM 672-20AArmy in Europe Incentive Awards Supplemental Form (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 25-2Army in Europe Information Assurance
AE REG 25-1Army in Europe Information Technology
AE PAM 25-25Army in Europe Information Technology Users Guide
AE FORM 350-1DArmy in Europe Institutional Mobile Training Team (MTT) Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-1JArmy in Europe Landwarenet Remote-Access Request - Category 2 (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 190-62Army in Europe Military Police and Investigation Programs
AE Form 25-13AArmy in Europe Mobile Device User Agreement (Vers. 01.01)
AE REG 600-8-11Army in Europe Paired Communities
AE FORM 600-700A(D18001)-FILLERArmy in Europe Privilege and Identification Card - Filler Mask (2013-02-11)
AE FORM 600-700AArmy in Europe Privilege and Identification Card (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 25-400-2Army in Europe Records Information Management
AE FORM 25-1KArmy in Europe Remote-Access Computer-Security compliance Inspection (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 25-13Army in Europe Telecommunications and Unified Capabilities
AE PAM 25-13Army in Europe Telecommunications and Unified Capabilities
AE REG 750-1Army Materiel Maintenance Policy
AE FORM 350-1FArmy Training Requirements and Resources System Reservation–Reason for Incident (Vers. 01.00)
AE SUP 1 AR 608-20Army Voting Assistance Program
AE REG 385-50Arts and Crafts Facility Safety
AE REG 220-90-1Assignments to the USAREUR-AF Soldiers’ Chorus
AE CMD MEMO 2022-016Assumption of USAREUR-AF Command
AE FORM 190-1AQAuthority to Operate a POV (Family Member)/Berechtigungsausweis
AE FORM 550-175DAuthorization to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle / Berechtigungsausweis (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-1NAuthorized Service Interruption Request Form (Vers. 01.00)
AE POSTER 385-215-1Be A Designated Driver
AE FORM 690-70ABewerbung / Application
AE REG 608-3Birth Registration
AE FORM 600-77C, CARD STOCKBlank Card Stock for SOFA Card
AE REG 40-160Blood-Alcohol Testing of U.S. Personnel
AE FORM 600-8-225ABoard Appraisal Worksheet
AE FORM 600-2GBoard Member Recommendations (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-45BBooze it and Lose it / "Click it or Ticket" Violation Report (Vers. 01.01)
AE FORM 380-5GBriefing Statement
AE REG 690-81Canteens for Local National Personnel
AE PAM 600-8-1Casualty Assistance and Survivor Support
AE POSTER 385-24-2Caution: Radiation Hazard
AE FORM 55-355GCertificate in Lieu of Lost Original Warrant
AE FORM 55-355LCertificate in Place of Lost Passenger Transportation Warrant
AE FORM 672-20BCertificate of Achievement (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 672-20CCertificate of Appreciation (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-4ACertificate of Approval for Vehicles Carrying Certain Dangerous Goods [English: Belgian/French/German/Italian] (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 350-1ACertificate of Completion
AE FORM 25-400-2ACertificate of Destruction Declaration (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 215-145CCertificate of Examination - Sportsfishing / Prüfungszeugnis für Sportfischer (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6KCertificate of Examination Regarding Technical/Legal Knowledge for Sport Shooter / Prüfungszeugnis nach Lehrgang über Sachkunde für Sportschützen (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-1ACertificate of Liability of Public Authorities / Bescheinigung über Staatshaftung / Attestation de responsabilité des autorités publiques / Certificato di responsabilita' (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6LCertificate of Need / Bedürfnisnachweis (Vers. 01.02)
AE FORM 190-1ACCertificate of Nondelivery of Vehicle (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-56BCertificate of Service / Zustellungsnachweis (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 210-70ACertificate of Understanding for U.S. Forces Family Members to Engage in Commercial Activities (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-8-3BCertification Disposition of Damaged Items (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AWCertification of Medical Eligibility for a Handicapped-Parking Card (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1ZCertification of Release / Donation of POV (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-6FCertification of Release/Donation of Privately Owned Firearm (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-50FCertifier for Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Waste Movements Appointment Order — Mode Air Movements (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-50GCertifier for Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Waste Movements Appointment Order — Mode Surface (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 350-4Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Training and Readiness (FOUO)
AE REG 690-110Civilian Employee Timekeeping in the Army in Europe
AE CMD MEMO 2020-027Civilian Hiring Overlap (AE Cmd Memo 2020-027) (Contents: FOUO)
AE REG 690-500.592Civilian Personnel Overseas Allowances
AE REG 690-40Civilian Support Administration
AE FORM 690-40ACivilian Support Clothing and Equipment Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-40-GCivilian Support Verwaltung
AE CMD MEMO 2023-022Civilian Tour Lengths and Nature of Tours for Postings in Poland (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-022)
AE FORM 690-99JClaim Record and Voucher for 1-Day Duty Travel and Duty Trips / Forderungsnachweis und Abrechnung über eintägige Dienstreisen und -Fahrten (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-99KClaim Record and Voucher for Expenses and Travel Performed During On-Call Duty (TV Al II Art 9 Para 8f) / Forderungsnachweis und Abrechnung über Ausgaben und Fahrten Während der Ableistung von Rufbereitschaft (§ 9 Ziffer 8f TV Al II) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-99LClaim Record and Voucher for Travel Between the Residence and the New Place of Duty in Case of Transfer/Detail During the (Fictitious) Notice Period / Forderungsnachweis und Abrechnung von Fahrten zwischen Wohnort und dem neuen Beschäftigungsort bei Versetzung/Abordnung während der (fiktiven) Kündigungsfrist (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-008Clarification of and Changes to the Policy for the Payment of Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA) (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-008)
AE REG 690-511Classification Appeals—Local National Employees in Germany
AE CMD MEMO 2021-010Command Force Health Protection Guidance for HQ USAREUR-AF Personnel on Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-010)
AE REG 55-46Command Sponsorship and Travel Overseas
AE CMD MEMO 2024-007Command Talent Management-Civilian Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-007)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-001Command Talent Management—Military (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-001)
AE PAM 600-20Commander’s Memorial Honors Handbook
AE PAM 600-20Commander’s Memorial Honors Handbook
AE FORM 190-6H(B)Commander’s Statement of Reliability/Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung (Vers. 01.00) [For Family members only.]
AE FORM 190-6H(A)Commander’s Statement of Reliability/Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung (Vers. 01.00) [For military personnel and DOD civilian employees only.]
AE FORM 55-46ACommander's Checklist for Soldier and Family Assistance (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 385-15-1Commanders Convoy Checklist and Risk Assessment
AE PAM 385-15-2Commanders Rail Operations and Risk Assessment Checklist
AE FORM 25-13CCommercial Telephone Log and Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-700D-FILLERCommissary/AAFES Privilege-Card - Filler Mask (2010-03-16)
AE FORM 600-700DCommissary/AAFES Privilege-Card (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-700ECommissary/AAFES Privilege-Card Register (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 612-1Community Central In- and Outprocessing
AE FORM 190-1ABCommunity Daily Activity Report (CDAR) (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 550-19Compilation of Selected German Laws
AE FORM 385-8AConfirmation by Person Recommended for the Kavalier der Straße Award (Vers. 01.00)
AE CIR 190-24Consolidated List of Off-Limits Areas, Establishments, Firms, Individuals, and Organizations
AE CMD MEMO 2024-004Construction Standards at Sites Other Than Main Operating Bases (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-004)
AE FORM 525-13CContract Requirements Package Antiterrorism/Operations Security Review Coversheet (LCD Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 715-9Contractor Personnel in Germany—Technical Expert, Troop Care, and Analytical Support Personnel
AE REG 700-150Conventional Ammunition Services
AE FORM 525-50CConventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Inspection Evaluation (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 525-50AConventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Notification Checklist - 36-Hour Notification (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 525-50BConventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Notification Checklist - 6-Hour Notification (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 350-100Convoy Operations and Convoy Live-Fire Program
AE FORM 55-1MConvoy Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Movement Observation Report (Vers. 01.01)
AE REG 690-72Cooperation Between the Controlling and Service Directorate, Foreign Forces Payroll Office, and U.S. Forces Organizations in Germany
AE REG 690-61Cooperation between the Employer and Local-National Employee Representative Groups in Germany
AE FORM 600-8-7ACouncil Biographical Sketch (LCD Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 525-3Crisis Action Planning in USAREUR (contents: FOUO)
AE FORM 550-175GCustoms Clearance Certificate / Erklärung Für Die Zollabfertigung (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175ECustoms Control of Shipments Imported Via Military Post Offices (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175JCustoms Declaration for Members of the U.S. Forces (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175HCustoms Declaration for Pilots and Crew (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175FCustoms Inspections of Mail Shipped thru the U.S. Forces Postal Services / Zollkontrollen von Postsendungen, die über den Postdienst der US Streitkräfte versandt werden (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-2BCyberdefense Policy Violation Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 25-2BCybersecurity Awareness
AE FORM 55-355BDaily Rail Barge and Highway Equipment Situation Report
AE FORM 690-99FDaily Record of Work Performed Under Specially Severe Conditions / Tagesnachweis von Arbeiten unter besonders erschwerten Bedingungen (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-62Damage Claims of the United States Forces in Germany Against Local National Employees
AE LABEL 55-355BDanger Label for Explosives and Ammunition
AE FORM 55-50EDangerous Goods Advisor (DGA) Appointment Order (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-50DDangerous Goods Advisor (DGA) Monitoring Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-50ADangerous Goods Advisor Annual Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-16EData Protection Statement and Consent to the Collection, Storage, and Use of Personal Data for Non-U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents / Datenschutzerklärung und Einwilligung zur Erhebung, Speicherung und Verwendung personenbezogener Daten / Dichiarazione di protezione dei dati e consenso al trattamento dei dati personali per I cittadini non statunitensi e residenti permanenti (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 25-2FData Transfer Authorization Program
AE MISC PUB 25-2ADefend Yourself!
AE CMD MEMO 2018-014Delegation of Authority to Approve the Acceptance, Retention, and Permanent Wear of Foreign Badges and Foreign Decorations (AE Cmd Memo 2018 014)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-027Delegation of Authority to Approve, Disapprove, or Downgrade Recommendations for Awards under Peacetime Criteria (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-027)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-017Delegation of Command Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System Performance Review Authority (AE Cmd Memo 2018-017)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-023Delegation of Mail Cover Authority (AE Cmd Memo 2018-023)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-021Delegation of Position-Classification Authority (AE Cmd Memo 2018-021)
AE REG 690-47Deployment and Redeployment
AE REG 525-1Deployment and Redeployment Operations
AE REG 690-77Deployment of Belgian Host Nation Employees in Support of United States Forces Operations in a Foreign Territory
AE REG 690-63Deployment of Local National Employees in Germany in Support of the U.S. Forces Operations on Foreign Territory
AE CMD MEMO 2022-035Designation of Approval Authority for Ordinary Leave, Emergency Leave, Entitlements, and Dwell Time for Personnel Assigned to the Security Assistance Group–Ukraine (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-035)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-031Designation of Duty Status for Deployments and Exercises in the USAREUR-AF Area of Operations (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-031)
AE CMD MEMO 2021-025Designation of the 529th Military Police Company as the USAREUR-AF Selected Honor Guard (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-025)
AE FORM 420-1CDetailed HRO Rental Listing (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 10-10Directory of Army in Europe and Africa Key Personnel (contents: CUI)
AE FORM 405-8ADisposal of Real Estate (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 25-2-4DOD 8570.01-M Cliff Notes and Key Points
AE PAM 750-15Domestic Appliance Repair, Replacement, and Turn-In
AE FORM 600-2EDr. Mary E. Walker Award — Selection Board Worksheet (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-2BDr. Mary E. Walker Award (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 600-55Driver- and Operator-Standardization Program
AE REG 190-1Driver and Vehicle Requirements and the Installation Traffic Code for the U.S. Forces in Germany
AE PAM 190-34-1Drivers Examination for Privately Owned Vehicle Operators of the U.S. Forces in Germany (Version 1) (FOUO)
AE PAM 190-34-2 Drivers Examination for Privately Owned Vehicle Operators of the U.S. Forces in Germany (Version 2) / USAFE Pamphlet 31-206V2 (FOUO)
AE PAM 190-34-3Drivers Examination for Privately Owned Vehicle Operators of the U.S. Forces in Germany (Version 3) (FOUO)
AE PAM 190-34-4Drivers Examination for Privately Owned Vehicle Operators of the U.S. Forces in Germany (Version 4) (FOUO)
AE PAM 190-34Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany
AE REG 690-511-GEinsprüche ortsansässiger Arbeitnehmer in Deutschland gegen ihre Eingruppierung
AE FORM 40-11AEmployment Health Reference Sheet / Arbeitnehmer Gesundheitsdatenblatt
AE REG 690-30 Employment of Local National Managerial Personnel in Accommodation, Catering, and Service Facilities
AE MISC PUB 25-2GEnterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS)
AE REG 690-63-GEntsendung von ortsansässigen Arbeitnehmern in Deutschland zur Unterstützung der U.S. Streitkräfte bei Auslandseinsätzen
AE REG 200-2Environmental Guidance for Military Exercises
AE CMD MEMO 2022-020Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the EEO Discrimination Complaint Process (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-020)
AE REG 600-8-225Equal Opportunity Adviser Award Program
AE FORM 55-355REquipment Report
AE CMD MEMO 2023-009Essential Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Support Standards for Forward-Deployed Forces in the USAREUR-AF Area of Operations (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-009)
AE REG 210-60Establishing Exterior Protective or Safety Zones (Schutzbereiche) in Germany / USAFE/AFAFRICA Instruction 32-9001
AE FORM 600-8-3FEURMAIL TTISMM Daily Worksheet (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-400-2BEvaluation of Records Management Program (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2020-026Exception to Policy to AE Regulation 350-1, Appendix P, USAREUR Staff Ride Program (AE Cmd Memo 2020-026)
AE PAM 690-630Excused Absence
AE FORM 550-56AExercise of Criminal Jurisdiction by Foreign Tribunals Over U.S. Personnel Feeder Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 550-50Exercise of Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction Over United States Personnel / CNE-C6F Instruction 5820.8K / USAFE Instruction 51-706
AE REG 550-56Exercise of Jurisdiction by German Courts and Authorities Over U.S. Personnel // USNAVEUR Instruction 5820.13F/USAFE Instruction 51-705
AE REG 385-64Explosives Safety
AE MISC PUB 525-13B-GFahrzeuginspektion - Die wichtigsten Maßnahmen im Überblick (Contents: FOUO) (Inhalt: Nur für den Dienstgebrauch)
AE REG 215-1Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Programs in Europe
AE REG 608-2Family Readiness
AE REG 30-22Field Feeding Program
AE FORM 190-6EFirearms Register (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-001Fiscal Year 2024 USAREUR-AF Active Army Retention and Active Component to Reserve Component Transition Mission (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-001)
AE SUP 1 AR 95-1Flight Regulations
AE REG 380-10Foreign Disclosure Policy and Procedures
AE REG 40-57Forensic Pathology Investigations of Deaths
AE REG 352-1Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program
AE FORM 55-355A Freight Warrant Rail
AE FORM 550-56CGerichtsbeobachterausweis/Trial Observer Card (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 37-8German Garnishments
AE FORM 690-72AGerman Local National Employee Fiscal-Data Change Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE POSTER 190-34-11German Traffic Signs (Optimized for on-screen use only)
AE POSTER 190-34-12German Traffic Signs (Wallet Size)
AE FORM 690-69BGerman Travel Expense Voucher / Reisekostenabrechnung (Vers. 01.02)
AE MISC PUB 600-17AGermany Fuel-Ration Card (Tri-Fold)
AE MISC PUB 600-17CGermany Fuel-Ration Card Issuance or Replacement
AE FORM 350-1-2AGoal-Setting Worksheet (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 40-501Guide for Physical Profiling, MOS/Medical Retention Boards, Medical Evaluation Boards, and Physical Evaluation Boards
AE PAM 11-2Guide to the USAREUR Managers’ Internal Control Program
AE REG 10-5Headquarters, United States Army Europe and Africa
AE FORM 420-1G (TEMP)High-Value Personal Property Inventory Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-74Housing for Local National Employees of the U.S. Forces in Germany
AE POSTER 420-1AHousing-Related Privacy Act Statement
AE REG 690-990-100HQ USAREUR-AF Alternative Work Schedule
AE FORM 215-145FHunting, Fishing & Shooting (U.S. Forces Member)
AE REG 215-145Hunting, Fishing, and Sport Shooting in Germany
AE REG 600-700Identification Cards and Individual Logistic Support
AE MISC PUB 25-2CIdentity Management Tokens
AE FORM 550-175AImport/Export Certificate and Purchase Permit / Einfuhr-/Ausfuhrgenehmigung und Erwerbsgenehmigung (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 302AImport/Export Customs Declaration
AE FORM 302Import/Export Customs Declaration
AE SUP 1 AR 672-20Incentive Awards
AE FORM 215-6AIndividual Registration and Application for Tax-Relief Services in Germany (LCD Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 215-6Individual Tax-Relief Program
AE FORM 95-40CInitial Notification of Downed Aircraft (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 190-16Installation Access Control for the U.S. Forces in Europe
AE FORM 190-16GInstallation Access Redress Application (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-16FInstallation Access Roster Request (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 612-1AInstallation Clearance Record for U.S. Civilian Employees (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-16KInstallation-Pass Holder Acknowledgement of Responsibilities / Anerkennung der Pflichten eines Ausweisinhabers / Responsabilita’ per I dententori di passi per installazioni (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-007Interim Exception to Policy to AE Regulation 350-1, Appendix E—Airborne Training in USAREUR-AF (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-007)
AE FORM 420-1BInventory and Condition Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-13IIssue of Weapon and Ammunition
AE PAM 70-13-20Joint Acquisition Review Board
AE REG 27-1Judge Advocate Legal Services
AE REG 690-81-GKantinenbetrieb für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer
AE REG 190-16-GKontrolle des Zugangs zu Einrichtungen der US-Streitkräfte in Europa
AE FORM 600-77C, LAMINATIONLamination for SOFA Card
AE FORM 190-45CLaw Enforcement and Discipline Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 190-45Law Enforcement Reporting
AE PAM 385-15-5Leaders Guide to Accident Prevention in Physical Training Running Formations
AE PAM 385-15Leaders Operational Accident Prevention Guide
AE PAM 385-15-8Leaders Operational Safety Guide: Pre-Deployment Through Reintegration
AE LABEL 25-1ALeased Copier Service Instructions (Vers. 01.00)
AE SUP 1 AR 600-8-10Leaves and Passes
AE REG 690-68-GLeistungen bei Versetzung oder Einstellung von ortsansässigen Arbeitnehmern in Deutschland
AE REG 690-672-GLeistungsprämien und Ehrenauszeichnungen für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer bei den US-Streitkräften in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
AE PAM 25-72Life-Cycle Management of Automation Equipment
AE REG 550-33Local Currency, Motor Vehicles and Related Privileges, and Immigration Status Reporting Requirements for U.S. Personnel in the United Kingdom
AE REG 40-11Local National Employee Occupational Health Services Contract
AE REG 604-1Local National Screening Program in Germany
AE REG 690-68Local National Transfer and Appointment Benefits in Germany
AE REG 690-76-GLöhne und Gehälter - Außertarifliche Zulagen für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer in Deutschland
AE LABEL 600-8-3KMail Dispatch Tag
AE LABEL 600-8-3AMail Dispatch Tag - Amsterdam Int. Mail Center NLAMSA TPG Post
AE LABEL 600-8-3BMail Dispatch Tag - Copenhagen DKCPHA Post Danmark A/S
AE LABEL 600-8-3FMail Dispatch Tag - Frankfurt IPZ
AE LABEL 600-8-3EMail Dispatch Tag - Frankfurt IPZ
AE LABEL 600-8-3CMail Dispatch Tag - Frankfurt IPZ DEFRAA Deutsche Post WN
AE LABEL 600-8-3DMail Dispatch Tag - Frankfurt IPZ Transit DEFRAA
AE LABEL 600-8-3GMail Dispatch Tag - Liege X BELGGA La Poste-Depost Belgium
AE LABEL 600-8-3HMail Dispatch Tag - London GBLHRA Royal Mail
AE LABEL 600-8-3JMail Dispatch Tag - Milano C.M.P. Roserio ITMILA Poste Italiane S.P.A.
AE FORM 600-8-3DMail Security (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 58-1Management, Acquisition, and Use of Nontactical Vehicles
AE FORM 350-22AManeuver Environmental Damage Incident Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 600-8-2Mass Casualty Operations
AE FORM 690-40CMeal Card – Civ Spt Gp (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 40-7-1Medical Phrases in English and German
AE PAM 40-7Medical Phrases in Five Languages
AE REG 690-99-GMeldung von Zeitlistendaten und Anwesenheitskontrolle von ortsansässigen Arbeitnehmern in Deutschland
AE CMD MEMO 2023-014Memorandum of Instruction for the USAREUR-AF Retention Program (AEA Cmd Memorandum 2023-014)
AE REG 690-300.335.1Merit Promotion and Placement
AE REG 600-8-8Military and Civilian Sponsorship
AE CMD MEMO 2018-032Military Family Housing Assignment Policy for the Army in Europe (AE Cmd Memo 2018-032)
AE FORM 55-355FMilitary Freight Warrant
AE REG 27-10Military Justice and Legal Operations
AE FORM 190-62AMilitary Police Investigation Case Log (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-62BMilitary Police Investigation Case Progress Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-45DMilitary Police Record Check (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 27-9Misconduct by Civilians
AE FORM 690-70EMitteilung ueber den Stand des Arbeitsverhaeltnisses / Notification of Employment Status (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-672Monetary and Honorary Awards for Local National Employees in Germany
AE REG 690-672-1Monetary and Honorary Awards for Local National Employees in Italy
AE REG 690-672-2Monetary and Honorary Awards for Local National Employees in Romania
AE PAM 190-34-5Motorcycle Examination for Privately Owned Motorcycle Operators in Germany (Version 1) (FOUO)
AE PAM 190-34-6Motorcycle Examination for Privately Owned Motorcycle Operators in Germany (Version 2) (FOUO)
AE PAM 25-91Multimedia/Visual Information
AE FORM 380-5AMultiple Classified Message Destruction Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 415-22NATO Security Investment Program
AE FORM 215-3ANonappropriated Fund - Inservice Application (LCD Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 215-3Nonappropriated Fund Personnel Policy and Procedures
AE REG 350-12Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System in Europe and Africa
AE FORM 690-76ANon-U.S. Forces Versus U.S. Forces Pay Data (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 40-400ANotifiable Disease Report / Bericht Meldepflichtiger Krankheiten
AE FORM 95-1DNotification of an Accident or Incident in Operation of a Foreign Military Aircraft (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 25-51Official Mail and Distribution Management Program
AE FORM 215-1AOfficial Team Roster for Army in Europe Sports Competition (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 350-22Off-Installation Maneuver and Field Training Exercise Coordination in Germany
AE REG 210-70On-Post Commercial Solicitation
AE CMD MEMO 2022-009Ordinary Leave Restriction, the Army Military Parental Leave Program, Emergency Leave, and Special Leave Accrual for Soldiers Participating in Operational Deployments Within the USAREUR-AF Area of Operations (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-009)
AE REG 635-150Overseas Separations
AE SUP 1 AR 614-30Overseas Service
AE FORM 690-300BOverseas Tour Extension Recommendation
AE FORM 690-300AOverseas Tour Extension Request
AE REG 690-58Overtime Control Program
AE REG 215-144Paintball Programs and Events in Germany
AE REG 385-8Participation in German Traffic Safety Activities
AE REG 600-290Passports and Visas [CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction 4650.2 / USAFE-AFAFRICA Instruction 36-3101]
AE REG 690-530-1Paysetting for Host-Nation Employees in Belgium
AE PAM 40-2Pediatric Guide for Parents
AE FORM 550-175BPermit to Transfer / Veräusserungsgenehmigung (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-84-GPersonalabbau—Ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
AE REG 690-70-GPersonalbeschaffung und Stellenbesetzung für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
AE MISC PUB 25-2HPersonally Identifiable Information (PII) Breach Reporting
AE CMD MEMO 2023-018Personnel Accountability in USAREUR-AF (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-018)
AE FORM 190-13H(G)Personnel and Vehicle Record of Admission
AE FORM 604-1APersonnel Data Request (Personaldaten Anfrage)
AE FORM 95-40BPilot's Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-017Policy Changes for Requirements Validation in USAREUR-AF and Delegation of Authority
AE CMD MEMO 2024-005Policy for Hiring through EURCivJobs (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-005)
AE REG 710-23Policy on the Procurement of Commanders Coins
AE PAM 385-15-3Port Operations Checklists and Risk Assessment
AE LABEL 190-1APOV Inspection Reject Label
AE FORM 420-1DPremises Condition and Inventory Report / Zustand der Räumlichkeiten und Inventar (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 25-35Preparing Army in Europe Publications
AE REG 385-55Prevention of Motor-Vehicle Accidents
AE REG 210-22Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy
AE FORM 190-6BPrivately Owned Firearm Registration
AE CMD MEMO 2022-022Processing Equal Opportunity Complaints (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-022)
AE PAM 27-2Processing Maneuver, Tort, and Environmental Claims within USAREUR-AF Under the NATO Status of Forces Agreement
AE REG 215-8Professional U.S. Scouting Organization Operations at Military Installations in Europe
AE REG 40-501-GProgramm der Army in Europe zum Schutz des Hörvermögens
AE REG 690-58-GProgramm zur Kontrolle von Mehrarbeit
AE POSTER 25-22Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
AE REG 37-4Providing Temporary Lodging Allowance in USEUCOM [/ CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction 7210.2J / USAFE-USAFAF Instruction 65-104]
AE REG 405-11Provision of Alternate Facilities in Germany
AE Pam 25-40Publications and Correspondence Instructions
AE PAM 690-300Qualification Standards for Host-Nation White-Collar Positions in Belgium
AE PAM 690-70Qualification Standards for Local National Positions
AE FORM 385-10CQualitative Fit-Test Record (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 742-2Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance) Program
AE FORM 55-50CQuarterly Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGA) Activity Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-51AQuarterly Positive Accountability Postage Administrative System (RCS: ISC-76) (Vers. 01.00)
AE POSTER 385-24-1Radiation Safety Poster
AE FORM 385-12ARadioactive Materials Movement (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-355DRail Car Manifest
AE FORM 600-702ERation Card Quarterly Inventory (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-702DRation Card Register (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 600-702Ration Policy [AE Regulation 600-702/CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction 10110.1G/USAFE-AFAFRICA 34-101]
AE FORM 405-8BReceipt for U.S. (Dollar and Deutsche Mark) Improvements in Real Estate Released to Germany (Public Property) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-400-2DRecords Management Checklist for Departing Senior Leaders (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-400-2CRecords Management Staff Assessment Visit (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-70Recruitment and Staffing for Local National Employees in Germany
AE REG 690-84Reduction in Force—Local National Employees in Germany
AE REG 190-6Registration and Control of Privately Owned Firearms and Other Weapons in Germany [/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 5300.15U/USAFE-AFAFRICA Inst 31-205]
AE REG 600-1Regulated Activities in Europe
AE REG 550-35Regulations on Personal Property and Motor Vehicles for U.S. Personnel in the Netherlands [CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction 5840.6D/USAFE-AFAFRICA Instruction 36-103]
AE REG 550-34Regulations on Personal Property, Local Currency, and Motor Vehicles for U.S. Personnel in Norway / COMUSNAVEUR Instruction 5840-12E / USAFE Instruction 51-709
AE REG 550-36Regulations on Personal Property, Local Currency, and Motor Vehicles for U.S. Personnel in Turkey / COMUSUSNAVEUR Instruction 5840.6C / USAFE Instruction 51-707
AE FORM 190-1ORenewal Application for Motor Vehicle Registration (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1KReport of Administrative Action (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 40-400BReport of Child Born Abroad of American Parent (S)
AE FORM 190-1AUReport of Stolen/Lost/Recovered Vehicle or License Plates (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 40-400Reporting Births, Deaths, and Diseases
AE FORM 600-17ARequest and Authorization for Additional Gas or Diesel Fuel (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-110ARequest Authorization and Report of Overtime (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AGRequest for a Waiver of the Number of Privately Owned Vehicles (POVs) Authorized to Register (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 380-5FRequest for Access to Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
AE FORM 690-99ERequest for Additional Leave Entitlements Pursuant to the Sozialgesetzbuch IX (Social Security Code IX) Part 2 (Severely Handicapped Persons' Law) / Antrag auf Zusatzurlaub gemäß Sozialgesetzbuch IX (SGB IX) Teil 2 (Schwerbehindertenrecht) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-99GRequest for Annual Leave/Absence With Pay / Antrag auf Genehmigung von Urlaub/Arbeitsbefreiung (Vers. 01.03)
AE FORM 710-23ARequest for Coins (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-46DRequest for Dependent Student Travel (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 200-1ARequest for Environmental Review (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1APRequest for Exception to Policy (Authority to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)) (Vers. 02.00)
AE FORM 550-175CRequest for Exception to Policy for Authorization to Operate a Privately Owned Vehicle / Antrag auf Erteilung eines Berechtigungsausweises (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 1-10DRequest for Information (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-77ARequest for Issuance of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Identification (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175M (TEMP)Request for Limited Individual Logistic Support (For Non-Sending State Foreign Liaison Personnel) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 635-150ARequest for Overseas Separation
AE FORM 690-70FRequest for Personnel Action — Non-U.S. (Germany) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1SRequest for POV Registration/Insurance Cancellation (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 55-355ERequest for Rental of Railroad Equipment Switching or Other Transportation Accessory Services
AE FORM 25-51CRequest for Special Mail Services (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 380-85ARequest for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Support (Vers. 01.00) (Available Only on SIPRNET)
AE FORM 95-1BRequest for USAREUR Aviation Operations Branch Staff Assistance Visit (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-25A Request for USAREUR Salute Battery Support (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 27-10CRequest to Appear And Testify / Aussageersuchen (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AIRequest to Register, Transfer, or Renew a Nonoperation Vehicle (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 350-1-2Resiliency Goals Handbook
AE REG 600-17Retail Sales of Motor Fuel to Individuals in Germany
AE SUP 1 AR 600-8-7Retirement Services Program
AE CMD MEMO 2024-014Review of and Moratorium on Position Descriptions in the Occupational Series 0301, Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series; and the Occupational Series 0303, Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant Series (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-014)
AE MISC PUB 25-2ERisk-Management Framework (RMF)
AE FORM 55-1NRoad Movement Bid Credit Granted / Marschanmeldung (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-300CRotation Agreement for Family Members With Career or Career-Conditional Status Who Lose Family Member Status While Employed Overseas
AE PAM 612-27Rules for Living in Germany (A Newcomers Guide to Civilian Misconduct)
AE REG 55-4Safe Movement of Hazardous Goods by Surface Modes
AE REG 380-40Safeguarding and Controlling Communications Security Material
AE REG 385-29Safety and Occupational Health for Local National Employees in Germany
AE REG 95-18Safety-of-Flight Messages
AE FORM 55-355JSanitary Certificate for Edible Animal Products and Fish Imported to Italy
AE FORM 55-355HSanitary Certificate for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
AE REG 690-62-GSchadensersatzansprüche der US-Streitkräfte in Deutschland an ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer
AE FORM 672-20DScroll of Appreciation (IMCOM-Europe)
AE PAM 385-15-4Sea and Supercargo Operations Checklist and Risk Assessment
AE FORM 55-355CSea Container Record
AE MISC PUB 25-2Secure Use of Social-Networking Sites
AE FORM 380-67B-RSecurity Briefing
AE FORM 604-1BSecurity Questionnaire for a Simple Security Check
AE FORM 380-67CSecurity Termination (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-2HSelection Board Authority Recommendation and Decision (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 27-3Sending State Forces Activities and Coordination
AE FORM 600-2CSergeant Morales Club — Certificate of Honorary Membership (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-2ASergeant Morales Club — Certificate of Membership (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-2DSergeant Morales Club — Selection Board Scoresheet (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-2FSergeant Morales Club Honorary Membership — Selection Board (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-028Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program and Policy (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-028)
AE FORM 25-30AShipping Document
AE PAM 385-15-6Small Unit Risk Management
AE FORM 525-13GSpecial Event Approval Form (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-91Special Pay Provisions for Local National Employees
AE FORM 190-1ADSpecial Power of Attorney to Operate, Register, Sell, or Otherwise Dispose of a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 1-10AStaff Action Summary (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 1-10Staff Procedures
AE LABEL 55-355ALStandard USAREUR Rail Car Label
AE REG 420-100Standards for Base Camps
AE REG 690-64Standards of Conduct, Corrective Actions, Termination Process, and Grievances (Local National Employees in Germany)
AE FORM 742-2AStatement of Ammunition Unsuitability (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 210-70DStatement of Understanding for Life Insurance / Mutual Funds/Securities (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 210-70BStatement of Understanding for Solicitation / Gewerbevereinbarung (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 600-77Status of Forces Agreement Identification in Germany / CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction 1700.1G / USAFE-AFAFRICA Instruction 51-714
AE FORM 550-50AStatus of Forces Incident Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 350-53Strong Europe and Africa Ready and Resilient
AE MISC PUB 600-63Strong Europe Ready And Resilent
AE Form 690-308ASummer-Hire Employee Safety Orientation Review (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 690-69ASupplemental Travel Order / Zusatz zur Dienstreiseanordnung (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 37-58Supply, Acquisition, and Disposition of United States and Foreign Currencies
AE REG 1-7Support Agreements
AE FORM 190-1AJSuspense/Clearance Form (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 385-4Tactical Overwater Operations
AE PAM 690-60Tariff Agreements That Apply to Persons Employed by the U.S. Forces in Germany (English Translation)
AE PAM 690-60-GTarifverträge für die Arbeitnehmer bei den US-Streitkräften in Deutschland
AE REG 10-3Taskings
AE REG 380-85Technical Security (contents: CUI)
AE FORM 25-13DTelephone Control-Number Log (Vers. 01.00)
AE Cmd Memo 2021-018Temporary Authorization of the USAREUR-AF Tank Cleaning Certificate (AEA Cmd Memo 2021-018)
AE FORM 190-1GTemporary U.S. Forces Certificate of License / Provisorischer Führerschein (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 380-67ETermination of USCO Responsibilities (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 340-21AThe Privacy Act of 1974: What Senior Leaders Need to Know (Tri-Fold)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-026The Right to Present Complaints or Requests for Assistance to the Inspector General (Civilians) (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-026)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-025The Right to Present Complaints or Requests for Assistance to the Inspector General (Soldiers) (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-025)
AE REG 600-2The Sergeant Morales Club Membership and Dr. Mary E. Walker Award Programs
AE REG 1-201The USAREUR Organizational Inspection Program
AE MISC PUB 350-1The USAREUR Standard
AE Form 525-13ATheater Telephone Guide / Allgemeiner Telefonleitfaden (German) / Guide Téléphonique des Menaces (French) / Guida Telefonica Alle Minacce (Italian) / Przewodnik Telefoniczny Dotyczący Zagrożeń (Polish)
AE REG 690-99Time and Attendance Reporting and Control for Local National Employees in Germany
AE CMD MEMO 2023-011Tone at the Top for the USAREUR-AF FY24 Risk Management Internal Control Program (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-011)
AE MISC PUB 190-1ATraffic Rules for U.S. Forces Installations in Germany / Für US-Liegenschaften in Deutschland geltende Verkehrsregeln
AE FORM 55-355STrailer Interchange Receipt / Anhänger Übernahme Bestätigung
AE REG 5-13Training Ammunition Management
AE REG 350-1Training and Leader Development in Europe
AE REG 350-220Training Support
AE FORM 5-13ATranining Ammunition Accountability (Vers. 01.10)
AE REG 25-38Translations
AE FORM 190-6D, PART DTransport of Privately Owned Firearms Outside Military Installations / Transport von im Privatbesitz befindlichen Feuerwaffen ausserhalb militärischer Einrichtungen (Vers. 01.00)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-023Treatment of Persons (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-023)
AE REG 550-32Tri-Component Directive for Italy on Personal Property, Rationed Goods, Motor Vehicles and Drivers' Licenses, Civilian Component and Technical Representative Status
AE FORM 55-355QTroop Movement Report
AE FORM 350-22EU.S Forces Request for Maneuver (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 360-1U.S. Army Europe and Africa Public Affairs Program
AE FORM 380-67DU.S. Contact Official Briefing (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1FU.S. Forces Certificate of License/The United States Forces in Germany
AE REG 550-175U.S. Forces Customs Controls in Germany [AEA Reg 550-175/CNE-CNA-C6F Inst 5840.1G/USAFE-AFAFRICA Inst 51-702]
AE FORM 215-145EU.S. Forces Examination Certificate / Prüfungszeugnis (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AYU.S. Forces GOV Registration/Title/POL Authorization / Zulassungschein/Besitzurkunde Für U.S. Regierungsfahrzeuge (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 215-6BU.S. Forces Order Form for German Value-Added Tax-Free Merchandise and Services / Bestellung für Mehrwertsteuer befreite Deutsche Waren/Dienstleistungen (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-35BU.S. Forces POL Authorization for Rental Vehicle When Stationed in the Netherlands or Privately Owned Vehicle Registered With U.S. Forces in Germany When Traveling to and Within the Netherlands / Toestimmingsdocument voor de aankoop van brandstof voor een huurauto voor in Nederland gestationeerd personeel van de amerikaanse strijdkrachten of voor aankoop van brandstof voor een privéauto van in Duitsland gestationeerd personeel van de amerikaanse strijdkrachten dat naar en in Nederland reist (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 550-175LU.S. Forces POL Authorization for Rental Vehicles or Privately Owned Vehicles Registered in Europe but not in Germany/Genehmigung zum Kauf von Treibstoff für Mietwagen oder für Ausserhalb von Deutschland in Europa zugelassene Privatwagen (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1AU.S. Forces POV Registration/Title/POL Authorization / Zulassungschein/Besitzurkunde Für Privatkraftfahrzeuge (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-702AU.S. Forces Ration Card
AE FORM 600-702A-FILLERU.S. Forces Ration Card - Filler Mask (2012-06-06)
AE FORM 600-702A(LETTERG)-FILLERU.S. Forces Ration Card (Letter G) - Filler Mask (2013-02-07)
AE FORM 190-6PU.S. Forces Renewal of Firearm Registration (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 215-145GU.S. Forces Sport Shooting Schützenmeister Certification
AE FORM 550-175KU.S. Forces Status Verification / Statusnachweis für versorgungsberechtigte Personen der US-Streitkräfte (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 600-702CU.S. Forces Supplemental Ration Card
AE FORM 600-702C-FILLERU.S. Forces Supplemental Ration Card - Filler Mask (2009-03-24)
AE FORM 55-355KU.S. Military Forces Travel Warrant (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 25-51BU.S. Stamp/Host-Nation Usage Log
AE FORM 385-10A (TEMP)Unfallanzeige /LN Accident Report (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 385-29-GUnfallverhütung und Arbeitsschutz für ortsansässige Beschäftigtein der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
AE REG 190-47United States Army Corrections System in Europe
AE REG 95-40United States Army Flight Services Procedures, Europe
AE FORM 385-55AUnited States Army in Europe Certificate of Merit for Safety
AE REG 350-50United States Army Joint Multinational Readiness Center
AE FORM 190-47BUnited States Army Regional Correctional Facility-Europe Checklist for Custody and Temporary Release (Acknowledgement of Understanding) (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-47CUnited States Army Regional Correctional Facility-Europe New Prisoner Checklist (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-47AUnited States Army Regional Correctional Facility-Europe Prisoner Military-Clothing Requirement (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 55-1United States Military Motor Vehicle Operations on European Public Roads
AE REG 690-74-GUnterkünfte für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer der US-Streitkräfte in Deutschland
AE REG 220-90USAREUR Band and Chorus
AE FORM 220-90AUSAREUR Band and Chorus Performance Request / Anforderung des Musikkorps und des Chores der US-ARMY in Europa (VERS. 01.00)
AE PAM 600-25USAREUR Ceremonies
AE CMD MEMO 2020-001USAREUR Critical Information List (AE Cmd Memo 2020-001)
AE CMD MEMO 2018-034USAREUR Human Capital Management Plan 2018–2023
AE REG 690-69USAREUR Implementing Instructions for Collective Tariff Agreement II Provisions and Overtariff Benefits
AE REG 11-2USAREUR Managers’ Internal Control Program
AE FORM 220-5CUSAREUR Movement Directive Worksheet (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 190-13USAREUR Physical Security Program
AE CMD MEMO 2020-002USAREUR Policy on Issuing U.S. Forces Certificates of License to Operate Privately Owned Vehicles in Poland (AE Cmd Memo 2020-002)
AE MISC PUB 25-400-2AUSAREUR Records Management - A Guide for Records Managers
AE FORM 190-13LUSAREUR Request for Waiver or Exception to Policy (ETP) for Physical Security Requirements (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 70-13-45USAREUR Requirements Validation System
AE REG 350-2USAREUR Unit Partnerships with Allies and Partners
AE REG 55-50USAREUR-AF – Command Dangerous Goods Program
AE REG 55-50-GUSAREUR-AF – Gefahrgutprogramm auf Kommandoebene
AE CMD MEMO 2022-012USAREUR-AF Battlefield Staff Ride Program (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-012)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-019USAREUR-AF Civilian Fitness Policy (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-019)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-010USAREUR-AF Civilian Human Resources Delegation Authorities, Version 01-2023 (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-010)
AE REG 525-27USAREUR-AF Emergency Management Program (CUI)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-023USAREUR-AF FY24 Safety and Occupational Health Objectives (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-023)
AE CMD MEMO 2021-024USAREUR-AF Guidance on Sites, Facilities, and Infrastructure Surveys and Visits in the USAREUR-AF Area of Operations (AE CMD Memo 2021-024) (Contents: CUI)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-008USAREUR-AF Leave and Pass Policy (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-008)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-021USAREUR-AF Local National Internship Program in Germany (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-021)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-029USAREUR-AF Military Airlift Transportation Approval Policy (AEA Cmd Memo 2022 029)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-021USAREUR-AF Military Equal Opportunity (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-021)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-015USAREUR-AF Mishap Reporting and Mishap Review Procedures (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-015)
AE REG 525-26USAREUR-AF Mission Assurance Program (CUI)
AE MISC PUB 5-30USAREUR-AF Office of Knowledge Management
AE CMD MEMO 2022-024USAREUR-AF Open Door Policy (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-024)
AE REG 600-8-101USAREUR-AF Personnel Readiness Program
AE MISC PUB 1-10USAREUR-AF Points of Main Effort (POME) Reporting Process
AE CMD MEMO 2024-008USAREUR-AF Policy Concerning the Government Travel Charge Card / Individually Billed Account Program (AE Cmd Memo 2024-008)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-012USAREUR-AF Policy for Fiscal Year 2024 Civilian Recognition Awards (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-012)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-010USAREUR-AF Policy for the Use of a Centrally Billed Account When Purchasing Airfare (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-010)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-015USAREUR-AF Policy for the Use of Standardized Position Descriptions, and Moratorium on the Creation of Unique Position Descriptions (AEA Cmd Memo 2022 015)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-005USAREUR-AF Policy on Emergency Leave and Emergency Visitation Travel of Servicemembers and Department of the Army Civilians (AEA Cmd Memo 2023- 005)
AE CMD MEMO 2023-006USAREUR-AF Policy on Meeting with Non-Federal Entities that are Vendors or Lobbyists (AEA Cmd Memo 2023-006)
AE REG 220-5USAREUR-AF Posture and Stationing Regulation
AE REG 385-12USAREUR-AF Radiation Safety Program Management
AE CMD MEMO 2022-001USAREUR-AF Review Hierarchy of Mishaps and Near-Miss Reports (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-001)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-002USAREUR-AF Roadside Inspection Program Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-002)
AE CMD MEMO 2024-017USAREUR-AF Safety Awards Program (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-017)
AE CMD MEMO 2022-018USAREUR-AF Safety Philosophy (AEA Cmd Memo 2022-018)
AE REG 600-25 USAREUR-AF Salute Battery
AE CMD MEMO 2024-006USAREUR-AF Suicide Prevention Action Plan (AEA Cmd Memo 2024-006)
AE Form 55-4BUSAREUR-AF Tank Cleaning Certificate (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-990-101USAREUR-AF Telework Program
AE PAM 350-1USAREUR-AF Training Holidays
AE REG 690-69-GUSAREUR-Durchführungsbestimmungen zum TV AL II und übertarifliche Leistungen
AE CMD MEMO 2020-006Use of Restricted Airfare (AE Cmd Memo 2020-006)
AE REG 25-22Use of U.S. Government Telecommunications Systems for Health, Morale, and Welfare Purposes
AE MISC PUB 525-13BVehicle Inspection Quick Reference (Contents: FOUO)
AE FORM 190-1IVehicle Mechanical Safety Inspection Record (Motorized Two-Wheeled Vehicle) / Inspektionsbericht über die mechanische Sicherheit eines Fahrzeuges (zweirädriges Motorfahrzeug (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1H(G)Vehicle Mechanical Safety Inspection Record / Inspektionsbericht über die mechanische Sicherheit eines Fahrzeuges / Controllo di sicurezza (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-64-GVerhaltensregeln, Korrekturmaßnahmen, Kündigungsverfahren und Beschwerden (Ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
AE REG 40-11-GVertrag über arbeitsmedizinische Leistungen für ortsansässige Arbeitnehmer
AE FORM 25-13BVideo-Teleconferencing (VTC) Hub Registration (Vers. 01.00)
AE REG 690-76Wages and Salaries—Overtariff Supplements for Local National Employees in Germany
AE FORM 190-1ASWarning Notice of Possible Abandonment (Vers. 01.00)
AE MISC PUB 25-400-2Ways to Improve Recordkeeping in Any Office
AE FORM 190-6GWeapons Bill of Sale/Schusswaffenkaufvertrag (Vers. 01.00)
AE FORM 190-1YWhat to Do If You Have an Accident (Vers. 01.00)
AE PAM 608-75What You Need To Know About The Exceptional Family Member Program
AE REG 690-308Youth Employment Program
AE REG 690-61-GZusammenarbeit zwischen Arbeitgeber und ortsansässigen Arbeitnehmervertretungen in Deutschland
AE REG 690-72-GZusammenarbeit zwischen der Aufsichts- und Dienstleistungsdirektion, Lohnstelle ausländische Streitkräfte, und den Dienststellen der US-Streitkräfte in Deutschland
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