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How to Request Printing

1. When HQ USAREUR staff offices and USAREUR subordinate commands need something printed that exceeds the capability of their in-house copiers, they will order the printing directly from the Defense Logistics Agency Document Services (DLA DS). This is done through Document Services Online (DSO). Customers pay for the service by using a Government Purchase Card (GPC) or through a military interdepartmental purchase request (MIPR) (DD Form 448). The procedures for placing an order are as follows:

  • a. The first thing to do is identify the unit or staff-office printing/duplicating control officer (P/DCO). The P/DCO duty is an additional duty that ensures the organization has a single POC for managing all of the organization’s print requests (AE Reg 25-30, para 15).

NOTE: Staff offices and units that do not have a designated P/DCO may appoint the requester to serve as the organization’s P/DCO for the printing request at hand as a one-time responsibility, but the duty then needs to be assigned permanently to someone who can carry out this responsibility for the entire unit or staff office. The duty is typically assigned to someone in the organization’s administrative office. The duty may, however, be carried out by someone in the organization’s resource management office, since the duty involves management of unit funds.

  • b. Once identified, the P/DCO will do the following:
    • (1) Review the item to be printed to ensure it complies with policy in AR 25-30 and AE Regulation 25-30. Requesters and P/DCOs should pay special attention to the policy governing the use of color (AR 25-30, para 5-11). To print one side of a standard page in multiple colors costs 36 cents. Printing one side of standard page in one color of ink (for example, black on white, blue on white) costs 6 cents.

      (2) Download AE Form 25-30B from AEPUBS, complete it, and digitally sign it.

      (3) Register with DSO to create a customer account, unless an account has already been established, and upload a PDF copy of the item to be printed in the DSO website at—

NOTE: A customer guide to the DSO system is available at the following link:

  • c. If requesting an emergency print job (for example, memorial program) or a “one-time only” print job, the requester should call DLA DS at one of the numbers in (1) or (2) below to request “one-time only” GPC transaction information. In response, the DLA DS will provide a copy of its GPC form, the email addresses of its POCs, and instructions for processing the order without using DSO.
    • (1) DLA DSO Ramstein (Main Office): mil 480- 6476

      (2) DLA DSO Grafenwöhr (Satellite Office): mil 475- 6361

2. Staff offices and units that have a recurring need for printing should coordinate with their resource management office and DLA DS to set up a MIPR.

3. These procedures apply only to requirements for printed items such as books and programs. Units and staff offices that need display boards or other large-format or special-material items should submit their requests through the Visual Information Ordering Site at to request service from the Visual Information Services, Europe, or a local training support center.


Digital Printing Templates

The purpose of these templates is to help users correctly format documents that will be submitted to the DLA Document Services for printing. Submitting documents in the correct format will reduce processing time and cost.
The templates are in MS Word or MS PowerPoint and should be saved to your local PC.
When possible, convert the document to a portable document format (pdf) before submitting to your unit print-control officer.

For information governing publishing and printing, please refer to AR 25-30, DA Pam 25-40, and AE Reg 25-30.

Invitation Template
Memo Pad Template
Half-Size Publication Template (Word)
Trifold Template (Word)
Half-Size Publication Template (PowerPoint)
Business Card Template

To download any of the print templates:

  • Click on the template (listed to the right) to open it
  • On “Standard” toolbar, select File/Save As
  • Save file to local or network drive