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New Releases
Publication NumberTitlePublication Date
AE REG 385-4Tactical Overwater Operations6/22/2018
AE REG 40-501Army Hearing Program–Europe6/21/2018
AE REG 40-501-GProgramm der Army in Europe zum Schutz des Hörvermögens6/21/2018
AE CMD MEMO 2018-032Military Family Housing Assignment Policy for the Army in Europe (AE Cmd Memo 2018-032)6/20/2018
AE PAM 385-15-8Leaders Operational Safety Guide (Predeployment Through Reintegration)6/19/2018
AE REG 25-30The Army in Europe Publishing Program6/18/2018
AE REG 25-35Preparing Army in Europe Publications6/18/2018
AE REG 600-700Identification Cards and Individual Logistic Support5/30/2018
AE PAM 10-10Directory of Army in Europe Key Personnel (contents: FOUO)5/25/2018
AE PAM 690-60Tariff Agreements That Apply to Persons Employed by the U.S. Forces in Germany (English Translation)5/24/2018
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